Accelerate Digitalization

Accelerating digitalization will help us to successfully grow our business, strengthen the relationships with our customers and consumers, optimize our processes and transform the entire company. By 2020, we will implement a range of initiatives to drive our digital business, leverage Industry 4.0, and eTransform the organization.

Drive Digital Business

To drive its digital business, Henkel aims to digitize its interaction with customers, consumers, business partners and suppliers along the entire value chain in both its consumer and its industrial businesses. "Digitally-driven " sales should be doubled to more than 4 billion euros by 2020. For example, in its consumer business Henkel intends to step up its engagement through "omni-channel " offerings that link e-commerce platforms with traditional retailing, develop and roll-out new digital platforms and significantly expand the use of digital media.

Leverage Industry 4.0

Henkel will also leverage industry 4.0 to better plan, source, produce and deliver its products and solutions. The digitalization of the integrated global supply chain will help to increase service levels for customers, better utilize manufacturing plants, improve production and logistics processes and benefit Henkel 's sustainability footprint.

eTransform Organization

The successful digitalization of Henkel will depend on the capabilities of its employees and their ability to transform the organization, adopting a rapid "test and learn " mindset. To promote this change, Henkel will expand its specific training and development programs. In addition, the position of a Chief Digital Officer with a cross-business responsibility will be established.