Increase Agility

In a highly volatile and dynamic business environment, increasing the agility of the organization will be a critical success factor for Henkel in the future. This will include energized and empowered teams, fastest time-to-market as well as smart and simplified processes.

Energized and Empowered Teams

In order to create a more agile organization with energized and empowered teams, Henkel will foster the entrepreneurial spirit of its employees, promote openness to change, encourage adaptability and enlarge employees' decision-making power. This will be supported by the strong performance culture at Henkel, with open feedback as well as rewards and recognition for excellent results.

Fastest Time-to-Market

As part of its "fastest time-to-market" initiative, Henkel aims to reduce innovation lead-times through better anticipation of customer and consumer needs. In Laundry & Home Care and Beauty Care, for example, Henkel targets a 30% reduction in lead-time. In addition, Henkel aims to accelerate market entries and penetration into new markets.

Smart Simplicity

Henkel will also leverage a "smart simplicity" approach to become more agile through flexible business models that are adapted to dynamic markets, as well as through the optimization of workflows and processes.